If it’s a severed head, I’m going to be very upset.

Vegan – Day 5.
March 12, 2009, 7:53 pm
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I went grocery shopping today!! YAY.

And can I just tell you, that so far, I actually love being vegan! I feel alot healthier and feel better about what I eat, because I now know why dairy and meat are not actually good for me.

All these veggies I’m eating (I should probably eat more fruit tho) are TOTALLY helping my digestive system and regulating me so much better. Anyways, here’s what I ate today… now mind you, I didn’t go grocery shopping until late tonight (8pm) so everything I ate today was still concoctions of junk that I had in the fridge & cupboards.

– breakfast: glass of orange juice (I should really actually EAT something at breakfast, I know).
– lunch: lo mein w/veggies and pineapple w/soy sauce and raspberry sauce, & glass of water.
– dinner: a layered mini-mexican dish I made up which was a layer of rice & orzo, next layer was refried beans, next layer was salsa. It was super yummy!! glass of water to drink.
– after dinner snack: Ryan was a bad influence today and got me some Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies and I couldn’t F-in resist! It probably is technically cheating from my vegan ways, but I don’t care. They were good. And then I also had a Luna Smore bar. DAMMIT!


Vegan – Day 4.
March 11, 2009, 11:19 pm
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Today was not a good day. It was stressful. Therefore, I was not a good example of healthy eating. I didn’t eat anything BAD, but I didn’t eat anything good, and not enough to suffice proper nutrition.

So right when I was supposed to leave for work today, on one of our busiest days of the year, my car battery decides to die completely. I was in disbelief. It threw off my whole day (of good eating, that is) and pissed me off entirely. So that is why my eating situation today was not the best. Anyways, here it is…..

– breakfast: glass of orange juice
– lunch: pasta w/marinara & raspberry sauce (I’m in LOVE with this raspberry sauce and want to put it on everything!!) and glass of water.
– dinner I guess? (car-ride to work, lol): diet mountain dew, and whole-grain bagel.
– late night snack: bran-flakes cereal dry (actually tastey).

Looking back, I should have definitely eaten more veggies today. And I WOULD have, during my dinner break at work, but since I was late to work bc of my car situation, I didn’t get a break at work. Good lord, I can’t wait to go grocery shopping on Friday when I get paid, lol.

Vegan – Day 3.
March 10, 2009, 9:19 pm
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But I will not have one. I will suck it up and spend the GD $1.50 for a frickin Luna bar (vegan-safe). I LOVE these things, but they’re expensive so hopefully I can un-justify buying them and wasting $1.50 on something I eat under 3 minutes, lol.

Anyways, my friend at work today gave me the book “Skinny Bitch.” I’ve heard about this book and heard that it was not that good, and that it was all negative and eliminates pretty much every kind of food to eat and says its bad. It slightly DOES do that, but it’s nothing that isn’t true! It’s pretty much a book that encourages you to become vegan. So, right now, it’s perfect for me! :)

AND it’s actually FUN to read, because it’s a “no-nonsense” book and gives it to you straight. For example, here is how the chapter about how dairy is actually not good for you, starts off, entitled, “THE DAIRY DISASTER”:
“Go suck your mother’s tits. Go on. Suck your mother’s tits. You think this is ridiculous? It is. Get ready to use your head.”
In another chapter, it talks about different foods and why they’re good for you, explaining:
“Yeah eating onions and garlic makes your breath smell like someone took a shit down your throat. But they fight cancer and detoxify your liver. So eat ’em.”

A very interesting, informative, and captivating read!

– breakfast: glass of orange juice
– lunch: lo mein and mixed vegetables from restaurant
– dinner: vegetarian sub from Chocolate Factory w/honey mustard. I thought this was gonna be frickin dry and nasty bc it was all veggies and no meat. But it was actually REALLY good!! It included sprouts, peppers, onions, tomatoes, and carrots.
– after dinner snack: graham crackers w/apple butter (not like actual butter)

Vegan – Day 2.
March 9, 2009, 5:56 pm
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So…. this vegan thing, it’s really “cleansing” me, if you know what I mean. Well, Idk if it is in fact because I’m not eating meat or dairy that I’m having an overly-healthy digestive system, but it’s the only reason I can attribute to the change in my body.

Anyways, on today’s menu, I ate:
– breakfast: none. I know this is not the best thing, but right now I don’t have any breakfast foods.
– lunch: vegetable stir-fry I found deep in my freezer. I made it with 1/2 of the soy-ish sauce that came with it, and have raspberry vinaigrette. It was quite delicious!
– dinner: broccoli mixed with stuffing, topped off with some honey (to make it sweet) and some garlic (for a tang). it was quite yum-taters!
– after dinner snack: I always have a huge sweet-tooth after a meal. so Ryan and I walked to Walgreens by our house and I bought 2 Luna (vegan-safe) Smore bars and ate them BOTH. AHH. its ok tho, they’re 70% organic and not uber-bad for you. I probably could have just stuck with having only 1 tho… oh well. :)

OH PS – I also went for a run today! First day back to running since November. EEK.

Going Vegan – day 1.
March 8, 2009, 9:01 pm
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Yo kids.

I’m performing an experiment. As some know, in the past year or so I have been getting into healthy eating, certain diets, learning about supplements/vitamins, food-healing, blah blah. Well, during Nov-Jan, I have not been so healthy and all that jazz. I kinda gave myself a break during the holiday season(s) because I just can’t resist all the frickin pumpkin deserts and the damn gravy!! AHH!!!!
In order to get back into my healthy groove that I’m normally in, I decided to try to go vegan for a little while. Why, you ask? Here’s a few reasons:
1) just to be healthy and give myself a little mini-cleanse(ish).
2) I watched an uber-sad video about crazy animal breeding and the treatment of animals who supply the meat/dairy products for many popular food brands and/or restaurants.
3) just trying something new.
This will certainly not be a permanent thing. Lord knows if I’ll even last longer than a week. I would LIKE to last 2 weeks. That is my goal. And even here, at day 1, it’s frickin hard.
In order to keep myself on track and to minimize the desire to cheat, I decided to track on here what I’m eating during my vegan venture.
Be forewarned tho that this week I am quite short on $$ so my meals will probably not be the greatest as far as daily nutritional value & less than ideal. lol. I’m poor at the current moment, and payday is Friday, so after Friday, I should have better food choices.

TODAY I ATE: (not much)
– breakfast: nothing. HA.
– lunch: fried rice and plain vegetables from a Stir Fry restaurant, diet coke
– dinner: a ramen-esk type noodle-thing (i checked the package to make sure what it was made with, nothing violating vegan rules :), glass of water
– after dinner snack: popcorn w/sea salt

SUPER EXCITING HUH?!? We’ll see what I can dig up in my cupboards tomorrow until I get paid on Friday… haha……..

O. M. G.
February 26, 2009, 10:53 pm
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Holy crapola it’s been way too long since I’ve last blogged. And I have no idea why. Sometimes on my days off of work I’m here at home and wonder to myself, “wtf should I do.” Dammit, I could BLOG! HELLO. Sometimes on my days off I have many options of “lazy” things I can do, and sometimes I just can’t decide, so I do none of them. God, that’s lame.

This blog is going to be random since I haven’t been on here in a while.

Oh, on a first note, I am back to my paleo diet, and doing well I think. My paleo diet is essentially the “caveman diet” where you literally have to think of what a caveman could have eaten back then. Pretty much meat, veggies, fruit, rice, eggs, and nuts. This was the diet that jump-started my “big” (not really that big, almost 20lbs) weight-loss last summer. I have really only started it this week (haha) but I have been wanting to cheat SOO bad, and haven’t! I do bend the rules a little bit so that I stay somewhat sane, in the way that I do 100% strict paleo 5 days out of the week, and the other 2 days I eat whatever I want. But it’s interesting because even on my days off of my diet, you would think that I would want to gorge and eat a ton of straight-up shit. But I don’t really. I mean, I DO have the cravings, but I think about the 5 days I was super good and I don’t want to spoil that. But dammit I could go for a cookie right now!

I have finally started watching Arrested Development. There are only 3 seasons total, and I’m only on episode 5 of season 1, but so far, it’s definitely my kind of show :) I recommend it highly.

I CANNOT get thru the damn last Twilight book!! I should probably include the 3rd one on there too. Ok, first of all, the third one was my least favorite, THAT’S why it took me balls forever to get thru it. It’s all boring backstory, leading up to the climax of the story of this big battle at the end, which you never get to see/read. BAHHH. Lamesauce. And I have no idea why I can’t get through the fourth one. It’s really good. But this is what I’m saying, sometimes I’m too lazy to even decide which lazy activity I should do… like reading!

Lindsay Finn is in Spain. For, what seems like, 6 years. Really only 2.5 weeks. Ughhh…. but I got her some bomb-ass bday presents for when she comes back, which I am excited to give her.

LOST started again in January…. holy mind-fuck batman. Loving it. And Jack. Yum.

OH, you know what? A few weeks ago I thought of a really good blog to do, but yet again, was STILL too lazy to even blog about it. And I was super opinionated about this one too, lol. Maybe another day.

Last night I downloaded the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack. It makes me feel a little bit gangster-bollywood. I listen to it f-in loud as can be in my car. And I love it.

Woot.com had a woot-off last week and I was bummed that nothing really good came up. A “bag o crap” came up at one point while I was watching and I tried really hard to get it… but yet again, server crashed for a little while.

I made an easy recipe of spinach lasagna which I have been making way too much lately. Ryan doesn’t complain tho.

Ok that might be it for today. NITE!!

Snow fuck storm.. day.
December 19, 2008, 10:22 am
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So it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. So long I guess that they’ve changed the home page (once you log in) on wordpress. I logged in and was all… what the…? Today I am going to address any and every random frickin thing that I want to write about, since I have ALL day because Ryan and I are trapped in our apt due to the awesome snow storm.

On Sunday I get my effin IPHONE. Finally, sheesh. And best of all… I don’t have to pay for it, HA! Ryan’s getting it for me for xmas. I’m totally stoked and have already looked online at the apps I’m going to download. How nerdy, huh. Here’s my list so far, lemme know if there’s anything else I should DL: (most of them are free apps bc I’m a cheap motherfucker)
bubble wrap
peanut butter jelly time
pandora radio
myspace mobile
night stand

For all of you folks that I didn’t think were important enough for me to send a Christmas card to, here’s your free interweb version….

We like to take the whole Christmas card thing to quite a sarcastic extreme only for the fact that some people take it WAY too seriously… for instance, MY MOTHER. She practically thinks about it all year like “what is my theme going to be this year” and all that BS. It’s like how some people get nutso about scrapbooking and it has to be FUCKING PERFECT and have to have THE perfect stickers and ribbon…. that’s how she is about xmas cards. And she ALWAYS sends them out the day BEFORE Thanksgiving so that people will recieve them directly the day after Thanksgiving because she says that’s “technically” when xmas season starts. Can we say crazy? For instance, this was our card last year (2007), and might I say, our FIRST card :)

ohhh, my god. I found THE funniest thing on the internet, ever. It’s called Tourette’s Guy. And I know it’s bad to think it’s funny and laugh my ass off, but the people who put this shit online, obviously put it on there for pure amusement. There are tons of videos of it on youtube, but here’s a good compilation I found that pretty much sums it up:

Today since there’s nothing to effin do, I made Ryan download the Sex and the City movie, and another comparable chick-flick The Women. I’ll probably watch them here in a little bit while he’s taking a nap, and won’t subject him to the torture.

Oh, by the way, did I mention I’m a total nerd and completely into the Twilight series?? The movie fucking sucked ass, but the books are totally addicting. UGH! And they’re an easy read because they’re supposed to be for teenagers, HA. Usually I’m very against any book fad that comes along, for instance, Harry Potter. Fuck that. But then a few of my older friends at work told me that these books were actually good and that if I starting reading the first one, I wouldn’t be able to stop because I would fall in LOVE with the main dude character Edward, and that nobody in life would ever compare to him. Hahaha. So therefore I bought the first book for only like $8… so who cares. But now, it’s like crack. I’m totally addicted. I CANNOT put these books down. And instead of being insane like Harry Potter and having like 8 books, there are only 4, which is good for me, because I don’t read a WHOLE lot. And I was super excited for the movie, you have no idea. Then I saw it. BUMMER. That Kristen Stewart can’t act to save her skinny little life. And the director just did not flow things together so the movie was not cohesive at all. Ryan saw it with me and I think he was lost at some parts because there were key elements missing. But you know what? Like a week after I saw the terribly disappointing movie, I had a crazy urge to see it again! Why?? I think it was because I was still reading the books and was still totally into everything and just wanted to see the romance between Edward and Bella. So instead of paying another ten fuckin dollars to see it, I just had Ryan DL it… and now I’ve watched it about 4 times now, as shitty as it is. :)

Ok well that’s all for now I spose…. I’m gonna watch The Women, maybeeeee do some picture editing. WHO KNOWS.

Shirlena? AHHWWW SHIT! (watch the vid)